THPR currently works for clients in the Retail & Consumer, Health & Lifestyle and Fashion & Beauty sectors. Our expertise also stretches to Branding, Contacts and Websites


Without any doubt, the most valuable asset on a company’s balance sheet is branding.  We have a dream team of brand gurus who have invaluable years working to improve the image and identity of not only start-up businesses but also well-established ones.   Get in touch with us about our branding design and development service.


THPR is proud to be able to call on a deep level of contacts. In an industry that by it’s very nature lives or dies by how well connected the PR agency is, we certainly punch way above our small boutique status.

Our knowledge of each contact and what they are looking to engage with or brands they are happy to collaborate with and how best it works for both parties is what makes us very unique. It’s not only celebrities that we are able to bring on board a project. Our team have very useful insider connections with digital media contacts, on-line editors of some of the top print magazines and newspapers, top photographers, bloggers and vloggers.


We have a small team of web designers and developers that make the process of designing and maintaining websites, especially for startup brands, a very smooth operation. If you’re the type that just wants to concentrate on your business rather than get bogged down in the nitty gritty of running a website, we are quite happy to do that for you.

Our team are able to deliver for our clients within a remarkable time scale and within budget.


We know how to promote brands having worked with consumer labels in various capacities. We understand the unique nature of the retail environment and are dedicated to supporting bricks and mortar startup retailers as well as new online offerings.


We are proud to work with many outstanding clients; from established consumer brands, already strong in their field, to fledgling brands at initial launch stage.

Our dedicated team members have a firm understanding of the health & lifestyle industry, and extensive experience and network within it.


When it comes to fashion and beauty, our combined team experience in this field is filled with years of knowledge and first-hand expertise.

We work with homegrown labels and boutiques to international high street and luxury brands and have extensive contacts and leverage to call upon.